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Artist Biography

Freddie Grann


"I am the master of my works from start to finish. Not creating it is not possible, it is a glow in me. I have something to tell through my art."


Freddie Grann has a background in building construction. Great knowledge in all kinds of material behavior. With a previous life as a professional skier. So creativity has always been the biggest driving factor in his life.

The mountains are his second home. ​


With planet Earth and nature, magic is created.

Meets art, design and architecture in close collaboration with the material, the inspiration from the unique features of nature. along with his own experiences in life.

A collaboration with the Earth's energy together with the material in a creative process saves forms and feelings in the material. He are teached by nature to create layers and reflections.

"I explore its peculiarities in art and design in a natural way." Metals are the main material, something else comes in, we see stone or glass or wood. Simple and complex shapes. Layers, angles and reflections. Each step creates a new world. 1000 images in one.

"My drive is that Nature is a constantly moving work of art" ​

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